It’s hard to remember what life was like before we found Annie. Partly because I think I’ve blocked most of it out and partly because I was so sleep deprived! We all were! At 7 months my daughter didn’t know how to put herself to sleep but was no longer responding to our usual way of getting her down (bouncing her on a yoga ball, singing the ants go marching, laying down next to her once she was asleep and then sneaking away). She’d also wake up only 30 minutes later for us to have to do it all over again. She was feeding at LEAST 3 times during the night. She wasn’t napping. We were all a wreck.
Enter Annie! We were AMAZED with how well our daughter responded to Annie’s plan. We were skeptical, but it was unbelievable how quickly she adapted. Annie put up with my constant skepticism and worried messages, and I’m so so beyond glad I stuck with her and followed her advice. I absolutely loved the sleep log she provided and the fact that she continually checked in on it to make comments.

She even followed up with us after we “graduated” just to make sure everything was still going smoothly, which we really appreciated.

If I could give her 10 stars I would! I cannot recommend her services enough. Our life has completely changed for the better.
Thank you, Annie!