Melatonin for babies

For overtired parents who can’t seem to get their kids on a healthy sleep schedule, the promise of a magic pill can be pretty enticing. But it seems to me that more and more doctors and parents are turning to melatonin as a Band-Aid for sleep issues with their...

Are Soothers Bad For Your Baby?

A lot of parents who use soothers feel a twinge of guilt the first time they stick a pacifier in their baby’s mouth. However, dealing with a screaming infant in the grocery line or on a long car trip will make most parents try just about anything they can think of to...

Is Snoring Dangerous For Babies and Children?

Most of us consider snoring just a normal part of life. Maybe we have a partner who snores, or a Grandpa who falls asleep in his easy chair and snores so loud it’s hard on carry on a conversation in the room. We think of it as a common condition, and while it might be...

Will Putting Cereal in My Baby’s Bottle Help Her Sleep?

“Will putting cereal in my baby’s bottle help him sleep better?” I hear that all the time. I know it’s an old wives’ tale. Your grandmother probably told you, “Oh, put cereal in the breast milk or the formula, and this baby will sleep all night.” The truth is that is...

How To Tell When Your Baby Is Ready To Move To One Nap a Day

Today our question comes from Krista and she's wondering, "How do I tell if my baby is ready to move to one nap a day?" First of all, I'll tell you around the age when this tends to occur. I find that a good average age for this, is somewhere around 13-15 months old....

Parents Find Relief With Patient Sleep Consultant

"Annie is simply amazing. We have a one year old who was completely dependent on nursing to fall asleep and within TWO nights, he was falling asleep with minimal protest and staying asleep all night. If he wakes now, he’s able to put himself back to sleep within a few...


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