Annie was a wonderful resource for us in getting our co-sleeping, short napper to sleep on her own for long periods of time. I’m so grateful we found her.

My daughter had just turned 12 months old when we hired Annie to help us with sleep. Both my husband and I were exhausted and, frankly, so was our daughter. We had tried some sleep training on our own but had a really difficult time with it. I knew we would need support and guidance in order to make it work. Annie was extremely patient and professional with us through the whole process. I greatly appreciated her responsiveness and clarity – I probably had a million questions for her  🙂

She was able to tailor a sleep plan that worked well with our family, tweaking as we went along, so that all of us would be as comfortable as possible with the process. Now our daughter can sleep through the night on her own (most nights!) and naps well every day. If there’s a hiccup in sleep we know what to do and have a process for helping our daughter get back on track. Thank you Annie!! You were an enormous help to our family.