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The DIY Sleep Package is a great option for parents who feel like they can go it alone, without my support and guidance, because their little one is so close to sleeping through the night, went on a trip and the sleep schedule took a backseat or they had a little set back and need to get back on track but wants the reassurance of a customized sleep plan to ensure sleep success.

Whatever it is that led you to this point don’t stress about it anymore because you have found your sleep solution. At Annie’s Child Sleep Solutions, I understand that a good night sleep can make the difference between a good day or just surviving the day. When you are dealing with bedtime battles, nursing to sleep at all hours of the night, short naps and a lot of crying it can leave you feeling pretty defeated. I’ve been there, I understand.

That’s why I created the Do-It-Yourself Sleep Package, because you’re a busy mom and while you know your baby, toddler or preschool can sleep through the night, they aren’t right now and you need to fix it before it gets worse. The DIY package is all the knowledge, guidelines and instructions delivered to you with a few clicks.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me!

This Package Includes:

+ Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation

This evaluation of your baby or child lets me learn all about their sleep habits, which will be emailed to you.

+ Customized Sleep Plan

Your customized sleep plan that is detailed with step-by-step instructions based off the sleep evaluation that reflects your parenting style and specifically the age of your child.

+ One 30-Minute Preparation Call

This is to answer any questions you have before starting the plan.

+ Sleep Solutions Resource Guide

This will prepare you for Daylight Savings Time, traveling, nap transitions plus teething and sickness.

 Investment: $195

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