I cSleep Successannot thank Annie enough for helping our family. I’ll admit we were hesitant to spend the money at first–we thought, we can just do it ourselves, right? Well, with a 4 year old who ended up in our bed each night, as well as a 10 month old who often did out of sheer exhaustion on my part, we realized we needed help, and I am SO glad we found Annie. In less than a month, both kids are sleeping through the night (11-12 hours) in their own beds, and our son is taking 2 naps at the same time each day. This is something I NEVER thought I’d be able to say.

Annie was extremely knowledgeable, supportive & reassuring–everything we needed to stick to our sleep plan. She worked with our comfort level, provided confidence and support when and where we needed it, and ultimately helped our whole family get the sleep we so desperately needed. I keep telling everyone that it was the best money we’ve ever spent!

*Edited to clarify that because we needed to sleep train both of our children, we staggered their training. Each was sleeping through the night in their own bed (without any wake ups) in less than a week!*