When I met A13 Month old Sleepsnnie we had an almost-6 year old (who had only slept through the night for a year at that point) and a 13-month old who was still waking 2-6 times a night to nurse, though I knew he and I both wanted (and needed!) more sleep. I knew I didn’t want to go down the same path a second time so after attending a seminar, I signed up for her program. 

The first night was so much easier than I expected! The second night was even better and after the third night, he was sleeping through the night and has been sleeping 11-12 hours ever since!! It’s been almost month since we started and it’s wonderful to have our nights back and not be scared to stay up a bit later and wonder if I’ll regret it because I’ll be up 6 times that night.

It’s been a bit of a stress relief now that I’m not the only one that can put my son to bed and we’ve even gone out to a movie that wasn’t a matinee because we weren’t completely exhausted by the end of the day!