Where do I even begin?! Annie is simply amazing!

When I originally contacted her, I was scared to death that I was just wasting time (and money) to try and get my then 14 month old to sleep. But, I was desperate.

A little bit about my daughter. She was breastfed and super attached to me. She used nursing as her comfort. She wouldn’t take a paci and didn’t have anything she was attached to. She was at the point where she would not sleep without me by her side and nursing for over half the night. This became physically AND emotionally exhausting. I couldn’t get her to nap without holding her. Therefore, I was glued to a recliner for 2 hours for her to nap and that was taking one on one time away from my 3.5 year old. Que the mommy guilt!

My husband was getting ready to deploy and I had a complete breakdown. There was no way I could go the next couple months being as sleep deprived as I was. So we called Annie.

She genuinely cares about your well being and your baby’s. She listened to everything I had to tell her about our sleep deprivation and she did what she does best. She got my baby girl sleeping!!!

The first night, once she went to sleep, she slept the whole night! During the second night of our sleep training- my daughter was falling asleep, on her own, while sitting up -without protesting! I was in complete shock. She handled the whole process WAYYYY better than I, or my husband, would have ever imagined! It only took 2 nights to get her sleeping for 11+ hours! AMAZING! I had no idea she could do it. The key is consistency and a sleep consultant that’s there by your side the whole way. When you have your doubts, Annie is there.

My daughter is now 17.5 months old and sleeping 12+ hours uninterrupted! Who even knew that was possible?! Not me! Not only is my daughter sleeping great, but so am I! Her whole demeanor has changed since she’s been getting an adequate amount of sleep! I feel like a whole new person as well!

The ONLY regret I have is not doing this sooner!