Gosh. Where do I even begin?! Annie is absolutely incredible and she’s been such a gift to our family!

When I first found Annie, my daughter, Harper was 3.5 months, not sleeping unless latched and nursing all night, and would only nap in the car, or in my arms. I was skeptical about using a sleep consultant again, after a failed attempt with my son, however, after our 15 minute consultation I had a feeling that she was going to the the answer to many sleepless nights. Sure enough, I was right!

Annie was incredibly knowledgeable, and responsive to all my phone calls, emails, and texts. I was so impressed with her personalized sleep plan and sleep logs which helped us get through possible scenarios we might encounter while sleep training. We walked into night one feeling ready and confident. Within a week, Harper was sleeping through the night and on more of a predictable schedule. I was also able to read her sleep cues more easily, which helped keep her out of the ‘over tired’ stage. When Harper turned 5/6 months, she started developing new skills, (crawling, sitting up, and solids), which really effected her sleep habits. It was like we were back at square one. At this point, we decided to have Annie help us again with a refresher package to help us reorganize Harpers sleep and get her back on track. We are so grateful we did. After night one, Harper was back to sleeping through the night and we were able to successfully cut out her night feeding!

All of this to say, Annie is amazing. She knew the answer to every situation and gave us the confidence we needed to help Harper develop good sleep habits. We are so grateful for her, and her patience. Thank you, Annie!!!!