Nighttime Help

for the times you just need some extra support

#1 Pediatric Sleep Coach in Northern Virginia

Full Night Support | 12 hours of in-home support

 Investment: $2000 | Add-on to any package

Are you longing for sleep?  Do you remember the last time you slept through the night? If not, then this might be just what you need! I can promise you a full nights sleep, I will come to your house, go over the plan in full detail and then help you tuck your kids into bed. Once they are in bed, I will take over and you can sleep. I will stay up all night and put the plan into motion for you so you can get some much-needed rest! Once your baby wakes for the morning, I will go over the details of the night with you and leave you feeling refreshed with a solid understanding of the plan moving forward. A full night of sleep will make you feel like a new person!

Half Night Support | 6 Hours of In-Home Support

 Investment: $1000 | Add-on to any package

Let me come to you and help you implement your custom Sleep Plan. I will come before bedtime and stay for half of the night so I can help you work through the first part of the plan. I will be there to walk you through what is going on and answer questions in real time. We will work together to teach your child solid sleep skills.

Put Baby to Bed

 Investment: $400 | Add-on to any package

Are you a little nervous about implementing the changes, or do you feel like you need just a little bit of help? This is a great addition to any package to provide you with some help on your first night. In addition to discussing your sleep plan in detail, I will come and assist you on your first night and walk you through the process to put your baby down while addressing any question or concerns you have. I will stay until he/she has fallen asleep leaving you with full confidence to proceed with the plan.

Pediatric Sleep Coach in Northern Virginia

Additional Notes

  • Do you have an additional child starting at the same time? Receive half off their package price (if different packages receive 50% off lesser of two packages).
  • Payment plan options available, please contact to discuss.
  • Not sure which package is the right one for you, email me at to discuss.
  • As a pediatric sleep consultant in Northern Virginia, I love to meet in person with clients, but for your convenience, this entire process can be done remotely if you choose. 

I have a 100% success rate! As long as you follow my plan we will have your child sleeping independently within a couple weeks… so, what are you waiting for?

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