Baby Sleep Training Solutions“Before I got in touch with Annie, I was in denial that we had a sleep problem. I blamed teething, sleep regressions, travel, etc despite the fact that I was getting up with my 8 month old every 2-3 hours at night and couldn’t get more than a 30 min nap out of her during the day. I finally broke down after a night with a crying child where she slept in the bed with my husband and I slept on the floor – it was miserable!

Annie was so reassuring from the beginning and never once made me feel like I was to blame. She gave us a great sleep plan and possible scenarios so that we were prepared for what might come. The first nights my husband and I felt confident in what we were doing and were completely prepared. By the third night, she was sleeping through the night!! Naps continued to be a struggle for the entire two weeks, but they are getting better each day.

I am beyond thrilled that my daughter is sleeping through the night and going to bed by herself. My husband is so confident putting her to bed now that he does the entire bedtime routine after I feed her. I am able to leave the house at bedtime without any guilt, and my husband doesn’t worry about “what to do if she cries” because she doesn’t wake up crying during the night.

I would HIGHLY recommend Annie to anyone. She is professional, but also feels like you’re talking to a good friend. I felt so comfortable with telling her all our issues in a judge-free environment. Thank you Annie for giving us our nights back!!”