Today our question comes from Krista and she’s wondering, “How do I tell if my baby is ready to move to one nap a day?” First of all, I’ll tell you around the age when this tends to occur. I find that a good average age for this, is somewhere around 13-15 months old.

Now, I have seen babies go as early as nine months, and I’ve also seen babies hang on to two naps a day, until, well into the 18-month-old. But if you are looking for an average, I would say 15 months. I’m going to share with you three signs to watch for.

Number one is that your baby will happily continue to take her morning nap. Nine times out of 10, there is nothing wrong with morning nap. In fact, most people find that it gets even longer than it’s ever been.

The trouble arrives when you put her down for that afternoon nap, and she just won’t take it. Either she plays all the way through it or she alternates between playing and some crying or she just flat out starts to cry from out of nowhere. Those are some things that you’ll start to see.

Now, the tricky part about all of this is that those signs won’t show up every single day. You’ll find that you’ll have three or four times in a row where she doesn’t take her afternoon nap, you’ll start to think to yourself, “OK, it must be time to drop that nap,” and then for three days in a row, she takes both naps beautifully. That can really throw people off.

A good rule of thumb around that is if you notice this happening, at least five days a week, then that is a good sign that it’s probably time to make the switch. Also, this needs to be going on for at least two to three weeks, because it can just be a developmental milestone, if she’s learning a new skill, it can throw nap time off for a week or two.

Rule of thumb to follow, four or five times a week, for at least two to three weeks in length that this has been happening, then you can go ahead and make the switch. Now, a little bit of caution before making the switch. You can’t just jump from a 10 o’clock nap to, all over sudden, a one o’clock nap.

That would be too hard on her body clock and she will get so overtired that by the time you try for that nap, it’s going to be trouble. My advice is that, you slowly start to move morning nap down, push nap back by 15-30 minutes every three days.

If it’s 10 o’clock, you move it to 10:30 for three days, then you move it to 11:00 for three days, 11:30 and so on, until it hits about 12:30.

I find 12:30 is the perfect time for a one nap day. She can have her lunch and go straight into her nap.

If you find yourself having difficulty then book a call with me and I will guide you through it to success.

Sleep well,