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Parents Find Relief With Patient Sleep Consultant

“Annie is simply amazing. We have a one year old who was completely dependent on nursing to fall asleep and within TWO nights, he was falling asleep with minimal protest and staying asleep all night. If he wakes now, he’s able to put himself back to sleep within a few minutes and we don’t even have to get up with him. Annie was so patient with my thousands of questions and very responsive to email. She helped us feel so confident in the sleep training process and our family life has improved so much since getting some much-needed rest! I highly recommend Annie for anyone who has sleep issues with their kiddos. She’s a life-changer!!” 

– Katie P.

Mom Finds Last Hope

“Seriously Annie is a miracle worker! She helped us get out 5mo little guy sleep 12hrs in like 3 days. He was big on night wakings and depended on the bottle every 2-3 hours. I tried EVERYTHING before I was referred to her. Annie was so sweet and more than helpful during our first phone call and every interaction after that. Her plan was detailed and thorough. Very easy to follow and when you trust the process, it definitely pays off. I love that even after our time together she sets you up with more info on getting through sickness, travel, and any other hurdles that come your way. My dude is all smiles and giggles since getting great sleep at night and naps during the day. He is a completely different baby and we are so blessed we found her.”

 –  Haley C.

Unsure Mother Finds Hope!

“When I first started with Annie my son Blake was 5.5 months and was awake more then he slept, he was unable to fall asleep on his own and once he finally was asleep it didn’t last long, he would wake up every 40 mins to an hour and barely napping, I tried everything!!! I decided on a sleep trainer because I could not keep going much longer the way things were (I wish I had done it sooner) and not going to lie even going into it I was skeptical, not about the abilities of sleep trainers but in my son’s ability to sleep lol. He was that bad!! From the first phone call Annie made me feel a million times better I felt hopeful for the first time, that in itself was a breath of fresh air that was much needed, she assured me sleep was around the corner. We started up the customized sleep plan and things were getting a little better then my son got a chest infection, I emailed Annie and she called me within 30 minutes to check in and see how my son was. We decided to pause the sleep training for four days. I was upset because I was worried that the gains we had made would be totally lost, Annie assured me that she wasn’t going anywhere and told me that if we need to start from day one again we would, so again she made me feel at ease. Annie called me when we were ready to start back up with a new plan of action and from that night on things were night and day!!! Today was my last day with Annie and Blake now sleeps 10 to 12 hours a night and has great naps. I am still in complete shock that I am able to put him in his crib and walk away and he falls asleep within minutes I honestly never thought it would be possible with him. I can’t say enough good things about working with Annie she provided such reassurance and to be honest just having her there for moral support was so helpful. She provides great resources and I learned so much in the process! I am going to miss having Annie lol. If your debating on working with Annie I am telling you go for it!!!! I said from day one if someone can help Blake sleep through the night, they can help anyone. Thank you, Annie, you have been a life saver!!!”

 –  Katie S.

Deployed husband + new mom + baby won’t sleep

My daughter and I haven’t slept a full night since the day she was born, even after trying all of the different remedies suggested to me by friends and family, nothing worked.

I was constantly told to get used to being sleep deprived and tired because that’s a part of mom-life. With my husband being deployed and losing the only help I had with my 7 month old (at the time) I was emotionally, mentally, and physically drained.

After accepting the fact that I’ll probably never sleep again or be alone with my husband in our bed, I stumbled upon Annie’s ad and scheduled a 15 min consultation immediately.

Within the first day of working with Annie my daughter slept through the whole night in her crib for the first time in 9 months.

I was amazed, ecstatic, and overwhelmed with joy! I wish I would’ve found her ad earlier!

I cannot thank Annie enough for giving us the gift of sleep. We can finally get the rest we’ve both so desperately needed, my daughter can now sleep consistently and independently for nap and bed time, and I have enough energy to not only fulfill my motherly duties, but to enjoy motherhood itself.

Annie, you are a sorceress. 

– Mir Iniza F., 

The Gift of Sleep

Annie is beyond amazing! I never thought my 6-month-old would be able to sleep independently and within days after starting our sleep plan she was sleeping through the night and waking up happy in her crib. After the first week we had a setback because my daughter developed an ear infection and we had to tackle daylight savings time, but within two days of her feeling better and going back to her crib she was back on track! The whole time Annie was there for us every step of the way and she answered all of my questions (and there were a TON). Annie has given our family the gift of sleep and I could not be more thankful!! 

– Natasha B.

Mommy Guilt No More!

Where do I even begin?! Annie is simply amazing!

When I originally contacted her, I was scared to death that I was just wasting time (and money) to try and get my then 14-month-old to sleep. But I was desperate.

A little bit about my daughter. She was breastfed and super attached to me. She used nursing as her comfort. She wouldn’t take a paci and didn’t have anything she was attached to. She was at the point where she would not sleep without me by her side and nursing for over half the night. This became physically AND emotionally exhausting. I couldn’t get her to nap without holding her. Therefore, I was glued to a recliner for 2 hours for her to nap and that was taking one on one time away from my 3.5-year-old. Que the mommy guilt!

My husband was getting ready to deploy and I had a complete breakdown. There was no way I could go the next couple months being as sleep deprived as I was. So, we called Annie.

She genuinely cares about your well-being and your baby’s. She listened to everything I had to tell her about our sleep deprivation, and she did what she does best. She got my baby girl sleeping!!! 

The first night, once she went to sleep, she slept the whole night! During the second night of our sleep training- my daughter was falling asleep, on her own, while sitting up -without protesting! I was in complete shock. She handled the whole process WAYYYY better than I, or my husband, would have ever imagined! It only took 2 nights to get her sleeping for 11+ hours! AMAZING! I had no idea she could do it. The key is consistency and a sleep consultant that’s there by your side the whole way. When you have your doubts, Annie is there.

My daughter is now 17.5 months old and sleeping 12+ hours uninterrupted! Who even knew that was possible?! Not me! Not only is my daughter sleeping great, but so am I! Her whole demeanor has changed since she’s been getting an adequate amount of sleep! I feel like a whole new person as well.

The ONLY regret I have is not doing this sooner!

– Brittany N.

Nine-Month-Old Sleeps 12 Hours

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Annie and how dedicated she is to helping your child sleep. After struggling for months to get our 9mo to sleep we decided to reach out to Annie for help. All I can say now is I wish we had done this sooner! If you are contemplating hiring Annie, DO IT! Our son would ONLY fall asleep nursing and would wake every 2-3 hours a night, every night. The only way I could get him to calm down and go back to bed was to nurse him. To say I was exhausted is an understatement. Annie came to our house (2 hours away) to help us get his room setup for sleep perfectly. She met with both my husband and I to go over every detail of the sleep plan. While my little one did protest this new sleep plan, he slept THROUGH THE NIGHT on the FIRST NIGHT! I literally cried tears of joy! Since day 1 of Annie’s help, he has slept 12+ hours straight every night and continues to take two naps a day. I no longer have to nurse him, rock him, or convince him to sleep. I can simply kiss him, lay him down, and walk out of the room. We could not have done this without Annie and we are so thankful for the gift of sleep this holiday season. She is wonderful, dedicated, and encouraged us throughout the entire process! 

-Lizzie B.

Success On Night One

We are so thankful we found Annie at Babypalooza this year! With my husband in grad school and with me back at work full time a good nights sleep is priceless! From about 4 months old, our little girl wasn’t napping well and had stopped sleeping through the night. At 6 months her sleep habits were exhausting us all: she needed to be rocked to sleep, was waking frequently, and was heavily dependent on a pacifier or nursing back to sleep. Annie developed a sleep plan for us that gave us structure. Olivia took to it instantly on night one and only woke up once to feed! By the end of our two weeks working with Annie we are all sleeping straight through the night and Olivia is napping during the day like a rockstar! 

– Brie W.

New Skills, New Sleep Habits

Gosh. Where do I even begin?! Annie is absolutely incredible and she’s been such a gift to our family!

When I first found Annie, my daughter, Harper was 3.5 months, not sleeping unless latched and nursing all night, and would only nap in the car, or in my arms. I was skeptical about using a sleep consultant again, after a failed attempt with my son, however, after our 15 minute consultation I had a feeling that she was going to the the answer to many sleepless nights. Sure enough, I was right!

Annie was incredibly knowledgeable, and responsive to all my phone calls, emails, and texts. I was so impressed with her personalized sleep plan and sleep logs which helped us get through possible scenarios we might encounter while sleep training. We walked into night one feeling ready and confident. Within a week, Harper was sleeping through the night and on more of a predictable schedule. I was also able to read her sleep cues more easily, which helped keep her out of the ‘over tired’ stage. When Harper turned 5/6 months, she started developing new skills, (crawling, sitting up, and solids), which really effected her sleep habits. It was like we were back at square one. At this point, we decided to have Annie help us again with a refresher package to help us reorganize Harpers sleep and get her back on track. We are so grateful we did. After night one, Harper was back to sleeping through the night and we were able to successfully cut out her night feeding!

All of this to say, Annie is amazing. She knew the answer to every situation and gave us the confidence we needed to help Harper develop good sleep habits. We are so grateful for her, and her patience. Thank you, Annie!!!! 

– Ashley G.

Co-Sleeping, Short Napper Sleeps On Her Own

Annie was a wonderful resource for us in getting our co-sleeping, short napper to sleep on her own for long periods of time. I’m so grateful we found her. 

My daughter had just turned 12 months old when we hired Annie to help us with sleep. Both my husband and I were exhausted and, frankly, so was our daughter. We had tried some sleep training on our own but had a really difficult time with it. I knew we would need support and guidance in order to make it work. Annie was extremely patient and professional with us through the whole process. I greatly appreciated her responsiveness and clarity – I probably had a million questions for her.  🙂

She was able to tailor a sleep plan that worked well with our family, tweaking as we went along, so that all of us would be as comfortable as possible with the process. Now our daughter can sleep through the night on her own (most nights!) and naps well every day. If there’s a hiccup in sleep we know what to do and have a process for helping our daughter get back on track. Thank you Annie!! You were an enormous help to our family. 

– Jenn W.

Converting One Dad At A Time

When my wife first brought up the idea of a sleep consultant, I was skeptical.  Surely our 8-month old daughter wasn’t that bad of a sleeper.  I assumed it was normal for her to wake 3-4 times a night to eat.  We struggled to get her to bed some nights, but it wasn’t too bad – at least in my opinion.  What finally changed my mind was my wife’s sheer exhaustion.  She does NOT function well without a good night’s sleep and she was so moody, that I really thought she had postpartum depression.  Nope, just sleep deprivation.  She took out her frustration on me, cried a lot, and just wasn’t her normal self.  So despite being skeptical of what a sleep consultant could do, I agreed to let her go through the process.

Imagine my surprise, when Annie’s plan stated that I should be in charge of bedtime for the first few nights.  Was this some sort of revenge from my wife?  Annie’s reasoning was sound, and I knew my wife really needed a break, so in I went – armed with noise canceling headphones and a movie on my iPad.  The first few nights were rough, but my wife really trusted in the plan.  By the second night, I noticed that the time it took Elizabeth to fall asleep was significantly less, and it continued to improve and her night wakings became less and less.

Within a week, Elizabeth was sleeping through the night and only waking once to feed.  By the time she was 10 months, we dropped the night feeding without any problems (thanks to what we had learned from Annie).

It has been 7 months since we hired Annie, and we haven’t had any issues.  I do the majority of bedtimes now when I am home.  I feel comfortable with the bedtime routine, and I love that it gives my wife a little break after a day spent at home.  Some nights, Elizabeth cries for a little bit or she may wake up, but those nights are so few and far between and we know how to fix the issues and get her sleeping again.  Even when Elizabeth is teething, or sick, or going through a growth spurt or “sleep regression”, we have not noticed any significant issues with her sleep.

The best part is that my wife is so much happier.  Getting a full night sleep has made her so much happier during the day (and at night).  It’s so nice to know that when I am gone, she is still getting a full night sleep.  We can also leave Elizabeth with babysitters or family who can put her to sleep without issues.  We went on a 5 day vacation and left Elizabeth with her grandparents and didn’t even think twice about it.  I love that bedtime is no longer a thing that causes us anxiety.  Hiring a sleep consultant was 100% worth every penny for my wife’s sanity (and therefore mine too). 

– Don L.

Baby Girl Stopped Responding To Old Sleep Props, Time To Make A Change

It’s hard to remember what life was like before we found Annie. Partly because I think I’ve blocked most of it out and partly because I was so sleep deprived! We all were! At 7 months my daughter didn’t know how to put herself to sleep but was no longer responding to our usual way of getting her down (bouncing her on a yoga ball, singing the ants go marching, laying down next to her once she was asleep and then sneaking away). She’d also wake up only 30 minutes later for us to have to do it all over again. She was feeding at LEAST 3 times during the night. She wasn’t napping. We were all a wreck.

Enter Annie! We were AMAZED with how well our daughter responded to Annie’s plan. We were skeptical, but it was unbelievable how quickly she adapted. Annie put up with my constant skepticism and worried messages, and I’m so so beyond glad I stuck with her and followed her advice. I absolutely loved the sleep log she provided and the fact that she continually checked in on it to make comments.

She even followed up with us after we “graduated” just to make sure everything was still going smoothly, which we really appreciated.

If I could give her 10 stars I would! I cannot recommend her services enough. Our life has completely changed for the better.

Thank you, Annie!

Too Long To Fall Asleep

Annie’s Child Sleep Solutions was a life saver. My daughter, 22 months at the time (now 2), was refusing to go to sleep. It took nearly two hrs to get her to sleep and that was with me having to carry her and singing countless songs! On top of that, she was waking multiple times in the night and MAYBE getting 8 total hrs of sleep in a day. After Annie’s assistance, within our three weeks, Roslyn was going to sleep ON HER OWN within 20 min!! AND sleeping through the night until 7:30 am or later! Now I have time to catch up on other things before I go to bed. Annie’s Child Sleep Solutions gave me the confidence and support to get the whole family sleeping better. I’m a much happier person and more patient parent now!! Thanks!! 

– Alex A.

Twins with Two Different Sleep Habits

Annie, Thank you, thank you for everything! This review is lonnnnnng overdue, but we have just been through our first PCS with kids (we’re a military family) AND we took them camping and I have to say that all of the methods you taught us, and materials you provided, made each significant event manageable. While we had some curve balls, we had the confidence and tools to squash them before they got too big.

To give context to those who are reading this review, we have b/g twins and when we hired Annie they were 13 months. One was sleeping through the night while the other was still getting up and often times waking up the other with her crying (they sleep in the same room, but not same crib.)

Reader: if you are thinking about hiring Annie, you absolutely should. First and foremost, I/my family could not have felt more cared for while working with her. She made us feel like we were her only clients (and I’m 99.9% certain we weren’t) and that everything was going to work out just fine. I’m here to report that our sleepless child took to the program in 2 nights and was a much happier, attentive, and focused child. I had no idea she needed the structure to make her night time/sleeping time restorative. I’m beyond thrilled that she got on board so quickly! With all that we learned from Annie, we were better prepared for lots of things. It has been some of the best money I have invested in since our kiddos arrived.

Annie: Your confidence in your abilities is empowering to those who hire you to help them work through the darkness (literally). I appreciate so much your availability, flexibility, and professionalism.

I hope you and your family are doing well! 

– Megan P.

Goodbye Under Eye Concealer, Hello 12 Hours of Sleep

I don’t do reviews often unless someone is truly amazing and really touched me, and I can say without a doubt that if your having trouble with your baby sleeping, hire Annie!! You will NOT regret it!!! In fact you will have wished you’d done it sooner! Here is my long story and how Annie turned our lives around!

When I met Annie I was tired, scratch that I was exhausted. I had a 9 month old who was breastfeeding during the night, not just one or two times but MULTIPLE times! He was constantly waking, not napping during the day and although he was a happy baby he was a TIRED baby! I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off all the time, my memory was horrible, I was addicted to caffeine, coffee always in hand and I needed my under eye concealer in my purse 24/7! My son, who I adore was was literally sucking the life out of me. I hadn’t been sleeping well since I was about 5 months pregnant, so a total of 14 months by the time I came to Annie! I was at my breaking point. I have a photography business to run with a home studio and I couldn’t work on clients photos during the day because my baby wouldn’t nap and then he wasn’t going to sleep till 10/10:30 pm and by that time I didn’t want to do any work because I was tired… I was burning the candle at both ends and it was finally catching up with me and my marriage. I was snappy, I had no patience and I never got to spend time with my husband and when I did all I wanted to do was take a nap… i knew something had to change!

Annie was placed in my life through my photography and she is so sweet. I mentioned what was happening with my little guy and she said to me, “are you ready? Do you want to sleep? Do you want Tristan to sleep” all I could say was YES!!!! It took all of about 2 minutes to convince my husband that we needed Annie and her wonderful sleeping magic in our lives. He said it didn’t matter how much it cost, sleep to him was priceless! So without a doubt we proceeded. I was really apprehensive not going to lie. My husband kept saying he wasn’t sure how this was going to help us… how our son was going to go from waking up multiple times a night to all of a sudden just sleeping” he was apprehensive to say the least…. we used a pacifier religiously to help him sleep or calm down and Annie told us to stop cold turkey, I think I about had a heart attack when she said that…. but we stuck with the program and the rules she set in place and each night the crying and protesting would go down minute by minute. It wasn’t long, by day 3/4 he was sleeping completely through the night and putting himself back to sleep ON HIS OWN!!! I wasn’t going in to try and feed him back to sleep, I wasn’t going in period! It was amazing, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Annie told me it would take 4-6 weeks to get our child on a good nap schedule, and here we are about 4 weeks in and he is doing so much better! He completely sleeps through the night 6:45 pm-7 am, and IF he wakes at all during this time he is right back asleep in under 5 minutes (I can count on one hand how many times that has happened in these last 4 weeks). He is really starting to get the hang of his naps too which helps me out a TON with my home business. I can finally schedule studio photos while he is asleep or meet with clients in my home to show them their photos while he naps! The best bit of all….. my husband and I finally have our nights back to ourselves to enjoy dinner together, a movie or just relax in our backyard. We can go out for a nice dinner or go out somewhere and not worry that the baby will wake up for the babysitter and they won’t know how to console him. It’s amazing knowing that he will sleep and we can have a “date” night again! I also love the fact that i no longer have to rely on my concealer every morning to cover my dark circles…. cause guess what?!?! They are gone! Annie not only helped my child to sleep better and help him learn his own soothing techniques but she helped me and my husband to sleep! She also helped our marriage; I finally have time for myself, my business and my husband. WE finally have time together and it’s quality time! Thank you Annie for everything! You truly have been a gift to our family! 

– Samantha L.

Never Thought Son Would Sleep Through The Night

Annie was a life saver for our family! My son is 16 months old and was still waking every 2 hours when we started. I truly thought that my son would never sleep through the night but just halfway through the program he was doing it! I just wish I had found her sooner. My son is so much happier now that he is getting quality sleep, and night time and nap time are no longer a battle. She was great to work with and even let us start over when my son got an ear infection the 2nd night into our program. We hit pause and started again when he was feeling better. She really tailored our program to our specific needs and situation. Thank you, Annie,! 

– Moira C.

18 Month Old Ready and Willing To Fall Asleep Independently

Annie has helped our family immensely. Our 18 month old has gone from waking multiple times a night and wanting to stay awake to sleeping 11-12 hours and taking 2.5 to 3 hour naps during our two week program, even with two viruses hitting our home. We saw drastic changes the first night as she got 11 hours of sleep. Naps were not as immediate, but she caught on quickly. I called Annie out of desperation and my only regret is not doing it sooner. She is wonderful to work with!

2-Year-Old Waking Too Many Times At Night

I contacted Annie to help my 2.5-year-old sleep through the night. I was frustrated and exhausted because my son would wake 3-7 times a night (he had never slept more than a few hours at a time)!! I felt at ease from the very beginning as she is very personable and supportive. She takes detailed notes and listens to everything you have to say! I wanted a gentle approach and that’s what she delivered. By the end of week ONE my son was down to waking up only once a night, and by the end of week TWO he was sleeping through the night!! We are now a few weeks into it and he is putting himself to sleep and sleeping through the night, every night. I am in heaven and so thankful I found Annie. I highly recommend her to everyone I talk to! 

– Kelly W.

Skipping Naps, Time To Call For Help

My almost 11-month-old was still waking once or twice a night to nurse as well as nursing to sleep for naps and bedtime. And when she began skipping her second nap, I knew it was time to ask for help. I’m so glad that I called Annie! Annie calmly reassured me that we would get my daughter on a path to better sleeping together and that’s exactly what happened. Annie guided us along the way and my baby quickly adapted to our new routine and began sleeping through the night after a few days.

I’m reminded of the quote “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.” Now that I’m on the other side of the two-week program, I’m so pleased with where we are today. Both baby and I are getting better sleep and our lives are simply better for it. Thank you, Annie! 

– Katie H.

Lesson Learned From The First One

When I met Annie we had an almost-6 year old (who had only slept through the night for a year at that point) and a 13-month old who was still waking 2-6 times a night to nurse, though I knew he and I both wanted (and needed!) more sleep. I knew I didn’t want to go down the same path a second time so after attending a seminar, I signed up for her program. 

The first night was so much easier than I expected! The second night was even better and after the third night, he was sleeping through the night and has been sleeping 11-12 hours ever since!! It’s been almost month since we started and it’s wonderful to have our nights back and not be scared to stay up a bit later and wonder if I’ll regret it because I’ll be up 6 times that night.

It’s been a bit of a stress relief now that I’m not the only one that can put my son to bed and we’ve even gone out to a movie that wasn’t a matinee because we weren’t completely exhausted by the end of the day! 

– Amber P.

Sleep Deprivation Denial

“Before I got in touch with Annie, I was in denial that we had a sleep problem. I blamed teething, sleep regressions, travel, etc despite the fact that I was getting up with my 8-month-old every 2-3 hours at night and couldn’t get more than a 30 min nap out of her during the day. I finally broke down after a night with a crying child where she slept in the bed with my husband and I slept on the floor – it was miserable!

Annie was so reassuring from the beginning and never once made me feel like I was to blame. She gave us a great sleep plan and possible scenarios so that we were prepared for what might come. The first nights my husband and I felt confident in what we were doing and were completely prepared. By the third night, she was sleeping through the night!! Naps continued to be a struggle for the entire two weeks, but they are getting better each day.

I am beyond thrilled that my daughter is sleeping through the night and going to bed by herself. My husband is so confident putting her to bed now that he does the entire bedtime routine after I feed her. I am able to leave the house at bedtime without any guilt, and my husband doesn’t worry about “what to do if she cries” because she doesn’t wake up crying during the night.

I would HIGHLY recommend Annie to anyone. She is professional, but also feels like you’re talking to a good friend. I felt so comfortable with telling her all our issues in a judge-free environment. Thank you, Annie, for giving us our nights back!!” 

– Kate L.

Exhausted Mom of Two…

I cannot thank Annie enough for helping our family. I’ll admit we were hesitant to spend the money at first–we thought, we can just do it ourselves, right? Well, with a 4-year-old who ended up in our bed each night, as well as a 10-month-old who often did out of sheer exhaustion on my part, we realized we needed help, and I am SO glad we found Annie. In less than a month, both kids are sleeping through the night (11-12 hours) in their own beds, and our son is taking 2 naps at the same time each day. This is something I NEVER thought I’d be able to say.

Annie was extremely knowledgeable, supportive & reassuring–everything we needed to stick to our sleep plan. She worked with our comfort level, provided confidence and support when and where we needed it, and ultimately helped our whole family get the sleep we so desperately needed. I keep telling everyone that it was the best money we’ve ever spent!

*Edited to clarify that because we needed to sleep train both of our children, we staggered their training. Each was sleeping through the night in their own bed (without any wake ups) in less than a week! 

– Aleece H.

Working Mom of 3 Seeks Help to Sleep

Jaxson is now sleeping from 7pm-7am and taking a two-hour nap during the day. It takes maybe 5 minutes to get him down with no complaints, he is more behaved during the day and is excited about his independence during bed time. This is something I could have done on my own but I was not going to because it would take extra effort and with working 50+ hours a week with three kids under 5 there is not a lot of effort left so I paid a sleep consultant knowing I would get instructions to follow and a call making sure I followed through. Best decision ever and most relaxed I have felt at night in a long time. So, if you are stressed or exhausted after putting your child to sleep contact Annie Henderson.

P.S. Even dad is able to put Jaxson to bed quick and easy.

– Christina C.

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