Toddler Package

for the ages of 19 months to 5 years

Top Northern Virginia Toddler Sleep Consultant

Serving all of Virginia, North Carolina, and the United States!

This Package Includes:

+ Preliminary Evaluation

This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you will answer prior to our meeting so I fully understand your parenting style and your child’s needs.

+ Customized Sleep Plan

I will prepare a customized Sleep Plan based on your answers to the questionnaire and our phone conversation. The plan includes step-by-step instructions so it is very easy to follow.

+ Private Consultation

In a 60-90 minute consultation, we will discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, night wakings and any other specific issues you may be dealing with.

+ FIVE Follow-Up Phone Calls

During the first 3 weeks we will talk every few days to ensure you and your toddler are staying on track and to prepare you for upcoming hurdlers that could arise.

+ FOUR Weeks Unlimited Email Support

The 4 weeks of unlimited support I offer my families is what sets me apart from any book or online forum you can find sleep information. I am very well-educated on sleep and I will be here for you every step of the way; I will hold you accountable but also coach and support you through each step so that we meet your end goal together. By working together I will help you change your life for the better!

+ Digital Sleep Logs

Sleep logs are used to track progress and helps us easily identify if changes need to be made to make the process as simple as possible for your child.

+ Bedtime Routine & Rules Chart

Customized for your child so that they can have some control and follow along with their progress.

+ Healthy Sleep Solutions Resource Guides

This is information to help you address anything that could come up with your child’s sleep after our time together. Topics include: nap transitions, travel tips, daylight savings information, teething and illness and information about how much sleep does your child need as they grow older (I will share any relevant information with you as I believe education and information is the key to success). 

 Investment: $600


Have me on Retainer

Have me on-call whenever you need me! You may feel as if you aren’t ready to be completely on your with the ever-changing world that is your child’s sleep. You can put me on retainer for an entire year for only $225. As your certified toddler sleep consultant, I can help you through sleep regressions, dropping night feeds, nap transitions, traveling and so much more. Ask me for details.

Add-On Services

Put Baby to Bed

Price: $400 (Add-on to any package)

Are you a little nervous about implementing the changes or do you feel like you need just a little bit of help? This is a great addition to any package to provide you with some help on your first night. In addition to discussing your sleep plan in detail, I will come and assist you on your first night and walk you through the process to put your baby down while addressing any questions or concerns you have. I will stay until he/she has fallen asleep leaving you with full confidence to proceed with the plan.

Bedtime Text Support (Unlimited for 2 hours)

Price: $100 (Add-on to any package)

Confident you can follow the plan I have written but would like a little extra help? Are you a little nervous about implementing the changes or do you feel like you need just a little bit of help? This is a great addition to my Baby or Toddler Sleep Solution package, especially if you don’t live within driving distance to me. From the moment you put your child in their crib/bed I will be available for immediate response to your questions via text.

Additional Notes

  • Do you have an additional child starting at the same time? Receive $100 off the second package.
  • Payment plan options available, please contact to discuss.
  • Not sure which package is the right one for you, email me at to discuss.

I have a 100% success rate! As long as you follow my plan we will have your child sleeping independently within a couple weeks… so, what are you waiting for?


Toddler Sleep Consultant in Northern Virginia


I am beyond thrilled that my daughter is sleeping through the night and going to bed by herself. I would HIGHLY recommend Annie to anyone. She is professional, but also feels like you’re talking to a good friend. I felt so comfortable with telling her all our issues in a judge-free environment. Thank you Annie for giving us our nights back!!


We were AMAZED with how well our daughter responded to Annie’s plan. We were skeptical, but it was unbelievable how quickly she adapted. I absolutely loved the sleep log she provided and the fact that she continually checked in on it to make comments. If I could give her 10 stars I would! I cannot recommend her services enough. Our life has completely changed for the better.

Thank you, Annie!


Annie was extremely knowledgeable, supportive & reassuring–everything we needed to stick to our sleep plan. She worked with our comfort level, provided confidence and support when and where we needed it, and ultimately helped our whole family get the sleep we so desperately needed. I keep telling everyone that it was the best money we’ve ever spent!

Thanks for stopping by!

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