Annie, Thank you, thank you for everything! This review is lonnnnnng overdue, but we have just been through our first PCS with kids (we’re a military family) AND we took them camping and I have to say that all of the methods you taught us, and materials you provided, made each significant event manageable. While we had some curve balls, we had the confidence and tools to squash them before they got too big.

To give context to those who are reading this review, we have b/g twins and when we hired Annie they were 13 months. One was sleeping through the night while the other was still getting up and often times waking up the other with her crying (they sleep in the same room, but not same crib.)

Reader: if you are thinking about hiring Annie, you absolutely should. First and foremost, I/my family could not have felt more cared for while working with her. She made us feel like we were her only clients (and I’m 99.9% certain we weren’t) and that everything was going to work out just fine. I’m here to report that our sleepless child took to the program in 2 nights and was a much happier, attentive, and focused child. I had no idea she needed the structure to make her night time/sleeping time restorative. I’m beyond thrilled that she got on board so quickly! With all that we learned from Annie, we were better prepared for lots of things. It has been some of the best money I have invested in since our kiddos arrived.

Annie: Your confidence in your abilities is empowering to those who hire you to help them work through the darkness (literally). I appreciate so much your availability, flexibility, and professionalism.

I hope you and your family are doing well!

Megan P.