“When I first started with Annie my son Blake was 5.5 months and was awake more then he slept, he was unable to fall asleep on his own and once he finally was asleep it didn’t last long, he would wake up every 40 mins to an hour and barely napping, I tried everything!!! I decided on a sleep trainer because I could not keep going much longer the way things were (I wish I had done it sooner) and not going to lie even going into it I was skeptical, not about the abilities of sleep trainers but in my son’s ability to sleep lol. He was that bad!! From the first phone call Annie made me feel a million times better I felt hopeful for the first time, that in itself was a breath of fresh air that was much needed, she assured me sleep was around the corner. We started up the customized sleep plan and things were getting a little better then my son got a chest infection, I emailed Annie and she called me within 30 minutes to check in and see how my son was. We decided to pause the sleep training for four days. I was upset because I was worried that the gains we had made would be totally lost, Annie assured me that she wasn’t going anywhere and told me that if we need to start from day one again we would, so again she made me feel at ease. Annie called me when we were ready to start back up with a new plan of action and from that night on things were night and day!!! Today was my last day with Annie and Blake now sleeps 10 to 12 hours a night and has great naps. I am still in complete shock that I am able to put him in his crib and walk away and he falls asleep within minutes I honestly never thought it would be possible with him. I cant say enough good things about working with Annie she provided such reassurance and to be honest just having her there for moral support was so helpful. She provides great resources and I learned so much in the process! I am going to miss having Annie lol. If your debating on working with Annie I am telling you go for it!!!! I said from day one if someone can help Blake sleep through the night they can help anyone. Thank you Annie you have been a life saver!!!” – Katie