Washington DC Child Sleep Consultant


Is your child relying on you to fall asleep? Waking several times during the night? Not sleeping well during daytime naps? Sleeping in your bed?

You are not alone in your struggles! Reports show 76% of moms are experiencing the same challenges. I am a certified child sleep consultant in Washington DC and Northern Virginia and the founder of Annie’s Child Sleep Solutions.


How I Can Help You

I will teach you and your little one healthy sleep habits that are sustainable and do not require you to be a sleep prop for your babies and toddlers. As children develop independent sleep habits, their naps result in a well-rested, eager to learn child, and they sleep peacefully at night.

Being sleep deprived is not a badge of honor. It is actually a heavy weight that makes you struggle to function at being the best you can be for your family. I am a mother of two, and I am ready to help you solve your challenges with your child’s sleep and teach you how to maintain healthy sleep skills for your little one.

I am not a believer in “cry it out.” I take a gentle and personalized method that is best for your child’s sleep needs. In fact, my plan will minimize the amount of crying when you begin changing what is familiar to your baby’s current sleep habits.


My Sleep Solution Packages

The sleep solution packages I offer are straightforward and comprehensive, so you can feel confident with making the changes required to achieve sleep success. I will provide you information about sleep needs and show how the current sleep practices you are dealing with are stopping your ability to have sleep success.

I also will explain why sleep is essential for the entire family, not just the baby. You will receive a detailed sleep analysis that helps create a custom sleep plan. I will stay with you every step of the way through phone calls, emails, and a shared sleep log as you make the changes.


I Can Help You Virtually Anywhere!

The great news is that I can work with you no matter where you are located. I have helped families from Virginia, Washington DC, Georgia, Colorado, Virginia, Texas, Washington, Tennessee, Canada, and even Australia. I offer a free, 15-minute consultation so we can discuss your situation.

I understand the challenges you face as a parent because I have been where you are. Spending time searching the web for a solution isn’t necessary because I can help you teach your baby to fall asleep independently and also experience longer and more restful naps. You will likely see significant improvement in one week of working with me.


Contact a Child Sleep Consultant in Washington DC Today!

Don’t wait another minute to speak with me one-on-one so I can help support and lead you through the process of teaching your child how to fall asleep independently and take longer, more restful naps. Contact me today for your free consultation. I am excited to be on this journey with you.